Graffiti Art Is Harder Than It Looks!


In August I had the privilege of participating in an aerosol art workshop held by Lee Harnden (aka Linz) at Pinnacles Gallery in Townsville, Australia. I was super excited to try out graffiti art. I’ve never had a chance for a number of reasons: no space, no canvas, no money, take your pick. So I finally got a chance to try graffiti without doing anything illegal! Bonus!

The workshop went for three days and there was so much to learn. It is super hard to paint nice crisp lines and even after the third day I was still having trouble with it. I felt that it was quite an achievement if I did manage to make my lines look good.

10516719_609839672468974_7362559424787688686_n   10630681_609839689135639_1577164570319928583_o

The experience was amazing and I’m so glad I took part. And, with the help of Lee who fixed all my bad lines, I actually managed to paint something half decent.


All the graffiti art created in the workshop can be viewed at Pinnacles Gallery from 13th Dec 2014 – 08 Feb 2015


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