Make Your Own Maleficent Horns using things from around your house

So, being the Disney freak that I am, I decided to have a Disney Costume Party for my 21st. I decided to go as Maleficent (inspired by the movie that had recently come out) and of course I wanted to try making my own horns. They turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


Being a poor artist who can’t afford to go out buying a bunch of expensive art products, I tried to only use things I could find around the house:

– Wire (sturdy but easy to bend)
– Pliers
– Newspaper
– PVA glue
– Paint brush
– Selleys Spakfilla Rapid (you know, the stuff you use to fill in little hole in your walls. Or something similar)
– Black paint (preferably acrylic)
– Black ribbon (optional – I used three different types of ribbon: satin (2.5cm wide), satin (1cm wide) and a lace ribbon. This just makes it prettier)
– Super glue
– Plain black headband, at least 1cm wide

To start off I bent the wire into the shape I wanted. I Googled Maleficent and used the images as references to make sure I got the right shape. First figure out the shape vertically, then spiral the wire around this shape in order to make the shape three dimensional. This will be your mold and although it doesn’t have to be exactly accurate it is best to get it as close as possible so you don’t have to screw around too much later.


Then for the fun part: paper mache! Use PVA glue and mix a little water with it to make it easier to work with. Glue strips of newspaper (about 2cm wide) onto your wire frame. It will start off a bit dodgy because of the gaps in the wire but later on you can begin to smooth it down with layers of newspaper.


Once you have done the best you can with paper mache you can use Spakfilla to fill in any annoying gaps that you still have in your horns and to give them a more defined shape. Most importantly, I used Spakfilla to shape the tips of the horns. This took a lot of patience as it had to be molded onto the horns and left to dry completely or it would just fall off. I had to have a few tries myself because I was too impatient to keep working on them.



If you need to you can sand the Spakfilla to make it nice and smooth. Then it is time to paint! I used black acrylic paint. If you wanted to you could buy gloss paint to paint over the top of the black and give it a nice glossy sheen to it.


To attach the horns to the headband I super glued the edges to the band. Before doing this, be sure to take the horns and the headband, look in the mirror, position the horns and mark where you want the horns to sit. Once the horns had been glued on I glued on a few pieces of newspaper around the band and onto the horns as reinforcement. Then, paint the newspaper black and wait for it to dry. I also super glued a small piece of 2.5cm wide ribbon the same way I glued on the newspaper. Obviously you don’t have to do this if you don’t plan to use ribbon on your horns.

I then wrapped the ribbon around the horns and used super glue and PVA glue to keep it in place. I used the wide satin ribbon in the center area of the horn and then the thin satin ribbon at the base of the horns. Then I decorated the tip of the horns with the lace ribbon.

I used about 2m of the wide satin ribbon, 3m of the thin satin ribbon and 0.5m of the lace ribbon.


I found it easier to attach one horn at a time. When doing the second horn, I used glad wrap to cover the first horn to keep it from getting and paint or glue on it.

Note: At some point between the previous picture and the following pictures I decided that the horns were far too big and I decided to pull them off and cut them down with scissors and pliers. Don’t be like me – please make sure they look the way you want them to before super gluing them to your headband. Trust me, you do not want to experience that frustration.


The horns are surprisingly comfortable to wear. However because of the weight of the horns, when you lean forward or backward whilst wearing them they will slip right off. In order to solve this I used large bobby pins to fix it in place.


It worked out pretty well considering I just used a bunch of stuff from around the house. I hope you found this tutorial useful!


PS. In case you were wondering, my party was awesome.

21st Disney Party

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Maleficent Horns using things from around your house

  1. Girl, thank you SO much for this! Halloween is in 5 days, and Amazon ships my costume on NOVEMBER 5! So this really helped. Thanks again!

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