Make a Book Envelope

Designing my portfolio, I decided it needed a fancy something to protect it and make it look more professional. So I designed an envelope/pocket to store my portfolio in. I ended up liking the envelope more than my portfolio! It was really easy to make and it took a few hours to put together.


First thing I had to do was figure out how big I needed to make the envelope. I measured the book that was going to go into it and I added 1.5cm onto the length and width. My book was only a few mm thick so I made the depth 1cm. This will obviously change depending on the size of your book.

Envelope mock up

Once I knew how the envelope would fold, I measured and then attached magnetic press studs to the opening. It ended up working very well and, to cover the attachment of the outer stud, I glued a button onto the metal.

Envelope Press Studs

I used 1000gsm black card. Because the card is so thick, it is very hard to fold without damaging it. I ended up making a shallow cut with a stanley knife where I wanted to fold the paper and then I used black duct tape to stick the sides into place.

I tested and found that my small book fit perfectly into the envelope. As a final decorative touch, I glued on some nice black lace.

Envelope Lace

Portfolio and Envelope     Portfolio and Envelope

In case you are interested, I sewed my portfolio together with a different stitch to the Japanese side stitch I used on my Grimoire. This stitch is basically done the same way you would thread your shoe laces. It looked awesome on my portfolio but I think it would look really good on a thicker book.

Portfolio Inside Cover

And that’s the end. Hope you liked!


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